Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That says it all! If you're interested in starting a new Global Resorts Network business or you've been burned form those over HYPED - UNDER DELIVERING systems such as Ty Coughlin's Reverse Funnel System or GRN Team Builder. Then I urge you to visit where the focus is education, training, mentoring, LIVE SUPPORT, LIVE TECHNICAL SUPPORT, LIVE 24-7 Sales Support center.

Take a look at the MANY features included in this system before you join GRN - be sure to at least consider Derrick Harper & Jamison Herdrich's Wealth Funnel System Two.

Considering Wealth Funnel System TWO?

If you've been considering starting your own Global Resorts Network business. You are probably WELL AWARE that there are a hole host of TEAMS and SYSTEMS that you have to choose from to get started. ONE that I highly recommend you steer clear of and is being dubbed as a SCAM is Reverse Funnel System.

Ty Coughlin's system is good at ONE THING spreading his name and brand but not supporting and training it's members for success (which makes NO sense due to the leveraged pay plan. It really benefits the TEAM or SYSTEM to make sure their members GRN members are highly successful). And the RFS System focuses it's efforts on marketing and telling it's members to market to ONLY the business opportunity seekers. While this is a viable market and is roughly estimated to be over 200 million strong... I suggest you choose a company ans system that teaches and trains you to properly market online and sale your Global Resorts Network Business to "discount travel" and "travel membership" on the consumer level too. WHY? Because if you add in the powerful consumer appeal of Global Resorts platinum membership - then you realize you add an additional 400million to your potential product market...

I would highly recommend that you review and speak to a representative from the Wealth Funnel System TWO. It offers the best LIVE support, LIVE technial support, LIVE training along with other features that are an industry first.


Choosing the BEST team & support system for your Global Resorts Network business

If you've been researching GRN as a possible solution for your own home based business solution. Then by now you also know that to be successful with your own Global Resorts Network you'll need to choose teh best training and support system to educate you on how to drive traffic and market online to your targeted audience (which with GRN is "discount travel", "travel membership", and "business opportunity" seekers.).

Why is joining the proper team or system so important when getting started with Global Resorts Network? SIMPLE: You need a support system in place that can accurately guide you through the many hurdles and potholes associated with road to success in internet marketing which as you're uncovering is a HUGE part of operating ANY HOME BASED BUSINESS.

These are the THREE BIGGIES to look for in a GRN business system to get you successful in your new Global Resorts Network venture. They are as follows and IN ORDER OF GREATEST IMPORTANCE:

ONE: LIVE Training & Mentoring (HUGE - without the knowledge to PROPERLY market online you will FAIL - GUARANTEED).

TWO: LIVE Technical support and REAL people.. Being new to the internet marketing game - I can guarantee ONE thing... It will NOT always go as planned! As with most things in life.

THREE: 24-7 Sales Call Center - NOT as important as the features above... Unless of course a prospect calls you and and you stumble over what to say or how to answer their questions. If the system you're considering has 24-7 call support then you 3-way the call center and the sales pros will answer the customers questions. And some system such as Wealth Funnel System TWO will actually let you forward your sales line to the call center while you go run errands, SLEEP, play gold, go to dinner, spend a weekend out of town wiht someone special... or what ever the need.

With those features as your guide you'll want to begin investigating the right Global Resorts Team or System that will guide you into success fastest.

As an additional note: I suggest that you steer clear of systems or teams that focus on training you to market your Global Resorts business to business opportunity seekers ONLY... This not only limits your potential market by more than 400 million potential consumers. But it's such a cutthroat method to focus on.

I will advise you to avoid one system that you may have heard of by now: The Reverse Funnel System by Ty Coughlin... You can learn more about why by clicking on then founders name below:

Ty Coughlin Info

If you want to see something EXTREMELY funny about the Reverse Funnel System <-- click the link!

I hope this information has assited you in finding the best solution to the best match of a GRN TEAM and your future Global Resorts Network business.